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Soccer Football Fútbol Calcio

This is a guide to what is called soccer in the United States. It is not a complete list of everything owned by NYU Libraries but selective list of books, journals focused on soccer, and films.

Resources and Finding More

I have included the subject headings to items from the library's catalog. You can use these to find more items on the same subject(s) or modify parts of the subject headings to find other works. Try searching for these subjects:

  • Fédération Internationale de Football Association
  • [enter a geographic location] soccer
  • World Cup (soccer)

To find soccer videos, search Bobcat for the subject soccer but limit the format to video.

Understandably, not every item will have all the possible subjects. Less understandably, some will have problematic subjects like the gendered "soccer for women" (as opposed to the supposedly ungendered "soccer" for books just on men or that also include women).  Subjects are missing or incomplete. The Brian Clough biography has subject headings for two teams he played for as a professional but not the teams he coached. The latter is arguably where he is more important.   Some subject headings will vary unexpectedly: "Club de Fútbol Barcelona" or "Futbol Club Barcelona" -- not only different names but with and without accents. The point is to find material for your use. Play with keywords as well, experiment, enjoy.

Subject Librarian

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