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Social Work

This guide provides descriptions of commonly used library resources for practice, research, and scholarship in the field of Social Work.

Steps to Finding a Book

Click on the steps for illustrated instruction.

STEP 1:  Search BobCat's Books & More Tab.

STEP 2: Get the call number.

STEP 3: Check the call number chart.

STEP 4: Get the book from the shelf.

How to Find Full-Text

When you're reviewing your database search results and find an article you want, look for a full text icon which can look something like this or this .

If there's no full-text icon, look for this button  , which will search NYU Libraries' overall online and print subscriptions for the full text of that article.

Many journals published before 1995 are only available in print format.  Back issues of journals in print format are shelved with books in the stacks so you will need to search for the journal title in BobCat to get a call number so you can find the bound journal on the shelf.

When all else fails...

If you cannot find the article or book you need, try these services:

Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service through which you can obtain materials (books, articles, and more) from other libraries. If it's an article, we'll email it to you, usually within a few days of your request. For books, we recommend EZ Borrow (see below) but in a rush, you can use ILL to request a book chapter.

E-ZBorrow is a service that allows NYU users to search the combined catalogs of more than 50 research and academic libraries, and request books not available at NYU. E-ZBorrow is the fastest way to get a book not available from NYU Libraries. Books are delivered to Bobst within 3 to 5 business days.