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Sustainability at Bobst Library: Home

Meet the Committee

The Bobst Library Sustainability Committee is comprised of the following NYU Libraries employees:‚Äč

Bonnie Brown
Tatiana Bryant
Lucinda Covert-Vail
Christopher Crowe
Dylan Glatthorn
Lauren F. Howell
Abigail Kniffin
Dan Lega
Cathy Li
Ron Milland
Sunny Park
Pablo Perez
Consultating Member: Jay Smith

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This page contains information about sustainability and related activities at Bobst Library. 

It is maintained by members of Bobst Library's Sustainability Committee, whose goal is to identify and promote practices within the Division of Libraries and its various sites that will help minimize negative environmental impacts and promote a green and sustainable environment.

Did You Know?

Bobst Library's 4th, 5th and 6th floors have been renovated!  Keeping sustainability in mind, we have incorporated the following "green" features:

1. Enhanced use of natural light

2. Upgraded, energy-efficient HVAC systems with automatic temperature controls

3. New energy-efficient lighting

4. Carpet tile made from recycled content

5. New furniture, shelving end panels, doors, windows, and ceiling panels made from renewable and sustainably harvested wood or wood products

6. Reuse and repurposing of substantial portions of the existing interior finishes, infrastructure systems, and ductwork

7. Filtered, chilled tap water

8. Donation of replaced furniture

9. Environment designed for maximum flexibility of choice for users and staff, resulting in a long-lived facility