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A guide to the Brazilian cultural movement known as Tropicália and its legacy. Resources covering the music itself, linkages to other art forms, and scholarship on the movement are all included.

Tropicália or Tropicalismo?

Both terms are used widely when referring to the movement and its legacy, therefore it is best to search both terms.

However, a useful distinction offered by Charles Perrone, is to reserve Tropicália for the years of the movement itself (1967-1972) and Tropicalismo as a more all-encompassing term.

Tropicália: ou panis et circencis (1968)


Tropicália was a Brazilian cultural movement tied to literature, visual art and film, but centered in music. Tropicalistas fused elements of high and low culture, while combining Brazilian genres with international and avante-garde influences.

Despite its short lifespan, Tropicália had a profound and lasting impact on Brazilian society. Since various disciplines intersect when studying Tropicália and it's legacy, this guide offers a variety of library resources.

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