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Ask Data Services

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What is NYU Data Services?

NYU Data Services supports quantitative, qualitative, geographic (GIS), and statistical research through software, workshops, and consultations. They are co-located with our business research team on Bobst Library's 5th floor. Service areas include: Citing dataData managementData visualizationGeographic information systems (GIS)Quantitative analysisQualitative analysisSurvey design, and Text data mining.

Methods and Manuals

Upcoming Data Services Classes & Workshops

LinkedIn Learning Video Courses

Recommended Reading

Other Data and Computing Support Units

Stern Research Grant Opportunities

Internal-to-Stern research grant opportunities for Stern PhDs and faculty. May be helpful for those in need of special funding for data research projects.

Products with API Access

"API Access Available" Icon (API Access Available Gear Icon): This icon flags library subscription resources with API - or API-like - access, so you can tell at a glance which products support querying via software applications. The icon also links to public-facing documentation when available. Not sure how to access a product's API? Reach out to us for help!