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First World War

Research resoruces on the First World War.

American Historical Association's recommended works

The Guide to Historical Literature is the American Historical Association's two-volume bibliography of recommended works. The third edition is the most recent edition and was published in 1995. It is not only over twenty years old, it is also highly selective. The Guide is an annotated bibliography and the list below reflects the sections and order used in the two volumes. The call numbers listed are those used at NYU.

Section 3: World History

Section 4: Science, Technology, and Medicine

Section 15: South Asia

Section 19: Sub-Saharan Africa

Section 21: Medieval and Modern Jewish History

Section 22: Modern Europe General

Twentieth-Century Europe and the Two World Wars, 1914-1945: General Studies

See also 47.451

Section 24: Britain and Ireland Since 1760

Section 26: France since 1789

Section 27: Low Countries and Switzerland

Section 28: Italy since 1350

Section 31: German States and the Habsburg Empire Since 1789

Section 32: Scandinavia and the Baltic States

Books: Section 33 Eastern Europe

Section 34: Rus', Russia, and the Russian Empire

Yes, that is all the Guide identified as being about World War I in Russia! But the subject headings on the books will help you find other monographs... There are items in International Relations and in other countries that relate to Russia an the First World War.

Section 38: Latin America since 1800

Section 43: United States, 1877-1920

Section 45: Canada

Section 46: Australasia and Oceania