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French Language and Literature: Other Libraries

Library resources for information about French language and literature.

Other Libraries' Catalogs

New York Public Library
CATNYP includes more than 6.8 million records: over 4 million records for titles cataloged since 1972 and over 2 million records for titles cataloged prior to 1972.
Note: A small percentage of The Research Libraries' holdings are still only found in the retrospective catalogs of the various subject and language divisions of The Research Libraries.

OCLC WorldCat
Union catalog with items in various formats from over 14,000 participating institutions in 44 countries and territories, including academic, public, federal, medical, and corporate libraries.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Opale-Plus, the web catalog of the Bibliothèque Nationale, represents nearly the entire collection of materials at the BN, with some exceptions (see the web page for details).

Catalogue Collectif de France

  1. des fonds imprimés et numérisés de la Bibliothèque nationale de France
  2. des bibliothèques universitaires et de grands établissements (systéme universitaire de documentation - SUDOC)
  3. des fonds anciens et/ou locaux informatisés des bibliothèques municipales et spécialisées

The European Library, Gateway to Europe's National Libraries
Searches the content of European national libraries.

Library Servers via WWW Links to over 7500 home pages from libraries in over 135 countries