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Finding fiction (and other books) to read for fun: At the library

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Using BobCat to find fiction

Although academic libraries aren't laid out like bookstores, you can still use the catalog to find recent fiction, or fiction about a particular topic or setting. Records for novels and short stories will usually include the term "Fiction" in the subject headings. Short stories have the subject heading "Short stories." Popular genres of fiction will have their own subject headings (e.g. "Science fiction," "Mystery fiction," "Love stories," "Fantasy fiction," "Horror tales," etc.). Using the advanced search option in BobCat, you can refine your search by adding keywords (place names, nationalities, themes, etc.). Not every work of fiction will be cataloged in detail, but many will.

You can also sort your search results in BobCat using the "Sort by relevance" pulldown menu above the list of results. "Sort by date-newest" will show the most recently published books first. The "Limit My Results" menu on the right side of the BobCat results page lets you narrow your search by subject, author, genre, and publication date.

Some recommended guides to "best books"

The NYU Libraries own a number of book-length guides to the "best books" in various categories. You can find many of them by searching BobCat for the subject "Best books." Here are some specific examples of reading guides from our collection:

Bobst Leisure Reading Collection

Need to step away from academic reading for a while?  Well, that's what the Leisure Reading       Collection is for!  The Leisure Reading Collection is leased, not purchased like the academic collection at Bobst, so we are able to keep up to date with the latest NY Times best-sellers and other popular titles.  The Leisure Reading Collection contains a wide variety of genres: fiction, non-fiction, mystery, crime, science fiction, biography, romance, and graphic novels.  There's something for everyone! 

If you would like to know if we have a specifc title in the Leisure Collection, you can use the Course Reserves tab in Bobcat to search by title or author.  If you prefer to browse, the collection is located on the two lower levels of the library.