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2024 Solar Eclipse

A guide to events, workshops, Citizen Science projects, groups, and library-subscribed resources related to the 2024 solar eclipse.

General Information

Did you know that a total solar eclipse will cross North America on Monday, April 8? New York City will not be in the total solar eclipse path but will still experience a partial eclipse, with a maximum coverage of 89%. You can calculate the percentage of coverage in your zip code using this Solar Eclipse Lookup Tool.

Explore this guide to learn more about total solar eclipses (both upcoming and historical), as well as local eclipse-related workshops, exhibits and viewing parties you can attend, Citizen Science projects you can participate in, and astronomy-related groups at NYU and across New York City. 

Why the 2024 Solar Eclipse is Such a Big Deal (YouTube Video, 16 minutes)

Quick facts about the 2024 Solar Eclipse

Workshops and Exhibits

These in-person workshops and exhibitions will help you to develop a broader understanding of the science and history of solar eclipses.

Viewing Parties

You can choose from a variety of free and low-cost viewing parties in the New York City area on the day of the eclipse. Click below to learn more the experts that will be on hand and the fun and educational activities available at each one. 

Citizen Science Projects

Citizen science projects are collaborations between scientists and interested members of the public. Through these collaborations, volunteers (known as citizen scientists) help collect data to make important scientific discoveries. If you are interested in helping to collect data for a citizen science project related to eclipses, check out the following links.

Historical NYC-area Footage

This is not the first time a partial or total solar eclipse has been visible in the New York City area. The primary sources linked below show how past eclipses were captured and experienced by individuals, covered in the media, and marketed to tourists and travelers. 

Ebooks From NYU Libraries

Learn more about the history, science, and social impacts of solar eclipses through these ebooks available through NYU Libraries.

Streaming Video From NYU Libraries

NYU Libraries provides access to tens of thousands of online videos, including instructional and documentary films, as well as silent classics and recent blockbusters. Here is a selection to help you understand more about the science of solar eclipses, the people who photograph and pursue them, and how they've been represented in historical and contemporary film. 

Astronomy Research at NYU

NYU researchers investigate a wide variety of topics related to astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics, and space science. Click below to explore their research interests and projects. 

Astronomy Groups in NYC

There are a variety of astronomy-related groups in New York City that are geared toward amateurs. Learn more about them below!