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African American Drama

An overview of the resources available for researchers in the field of African America Drama.


Use the tabs that run along the left side of the page to connect you with research. There are links to bibliographies, online texts and plays, streaming videos and more. If you have questions you can chat with me or use the email link.

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Avery Fisher Center

Articles of Interest

New York Theatre Guide

Established in October 2003, the New York Theatre Guide is proud to be regarded as a trusted and reliable source of information for both the Broadway and Off-Broadway scenes by both industry professionals and returning visitors alike.

Tina Turner in red lipstick wearing a white top with floppy lace around the deep v neck line and blousy sleeves. Her hair is loose and she has one had on the stand microphone and the other outstretch, palm up.

"Tina Turner 50th Anniversary Tour" at NIA Birmingham on April 8, 2009 by Philip Spittle is licensed under CC BY 2.0.