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ProQuest TDM Studio

A guide to accessing ProQuest's TDM Studio

ProQuest TDM Studio

ProQuest TDM Studio allows research teams at NYU the ability to mine large volumes of published content from the millions of pages of news, scholarly and other publications provided to the campus community through current ProQuest subscriptions. TDM Studio allows researchers to execute queries, develop datasets, and extract and analyze the text of publications using programming languages.

ProQuest TDM Studio's text and data mining environment includes programming libraries and scripts for getting started, and users can import or write their own scripts and packages to extend the capabilities of the platform. This tool for enables researchers to analyze recent and more deeply historical scholarly publications, primary source texts in the humanities, business, public policy, public health and other scientific literature, as well as extensive recent and older U.S. and international journalism.

Requesting Access to TDM Studio

Anyone with a valid NYU email address can request access to TDM Studio. To request an account, please fill out this form. By default, each workbench can support 1-5 users. Once your workbench is created, you will receive a confirmation email that includes instructions on how to get started.

To access your account and reset passwords, visit and login with the email address that you initially provided, and select  “Forgot Your Password”. You will be sent a forgot password link which can be used to set your password.