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Biomedical Engineering

A guide for finding articles and other resources associated with Biomedical Engineering.

Accessing PubMed

PubMed is a freely accessible public resource at However, the NYU-Dibner community can get more out of it by clicking the PubMed link on our databases page. When you access PubMed from the library, you will get a direct link to the full text of an article if it is available through the library's subscriptions.

Quick Search

Perform many powerful searches from the main box:

  • Author:

    • Enter last name and first initial: 
    • For example: Russo R
  • Topic:

    • Start typing the word and PubMed will offer topics: 
    • For example: diabetes gaucoma
  • Author and Topic:

    • combine the above in the proper format: 
    • For example: diabetes glaucoma russo r
  • Citation:

    • journal name or abbreviation, title, author, date in various combinations:
    • For Example:
      • Clin Ophthalmol Matsuoka M
      • Clinical Ophthalmology Matsuoka M
      • Clinical Ophthalmology Intraocular 2012

Screenshot of PubMed's search box with an Russo R (author) as a sample search.


My NCBI allows you to:

  • Create a personal profile
  • Save searches that you can run again whenever you choose
  • Receive email alerts whenever there are new results for your saved searches
  • Create and save a bibliography

Saved search box with two PubMed searches as examples.

Advanced Search

Use Advanced Search to combine multiple terms, including terms from your search history without re-entering text.Advanced search box example.  "(((insulin) NOT lyengar[Author]) AND #1) AND #2" is the search example.


The MeSH option searches the subject headings used by the National Library of Medicine.

Use MeSH to:

  • Retrieve the most relevant results
  • Locate a large number of related topics
  • Determine which subheadings you wish to include or exclude

Search window for PubMed demonstrating the use of MeSH term "diabetes".

MeSh Subject Tree

List of Diseases Categories for "Endocrine System Diseases" and specifically "Diabetes Mellitus."