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LSEG Workspace

Learn how to access and use LSEG Workspace at NYU Libraries.

Request Access to SDC Platinum

  1. Request an LSEG Workspace account (if you do not have an existing one)
  2. Request access to SDC Platinum via LSEG Workspace (Google Form)

Please note,  current PhD students, faculty, and staff are eligible for applying for SDC Platinum; processing of these requests typically takes around 7-10 business days.

Using SDC Platinum in LSEG Workspace

You can access SDC Platinum in LSEG Workspace in your own browser or desktop application
  1. Connect to LSEG Workspace or open the locally installed Refinitiv application on your computer.
  2. In the top search box enter SDC to launch the SDC Platinum App.

Guide: Getting started with SDC Platinum (accessing some links within the guide may require you to have an active Refinitiv account)

SDC Platinum via RWS

Subscribed modules:

• Mergers & Acquisitions
        · US Targets
        · Non-US Targets
        · Joint Ventures / Alliances
        · Repurchases
• Global New Issues Databases
    – All Equity
        · Common Stock
        · Convertible
        · Equity Pipeline and Registrations
        · Private Equity
    – All Bonds
        · Non-Convertible Bonds
        · Preferred Stock
        · Mortgage/Asset Backed
        · Bonds Pipeline and Registrations
        · MTN Programs
        · Private Debt
• Corporate Governance
        · Poison Pills
        · Proxy Fights
• Corporate Restructurings
        · Full Detail Bankruptcies (1988-present)
        · Limited Detail Bankruptcies (1980-1990)
        · Exchange Offers
• VentureXpert
    – Industry Resources
        · Funds
        · Firms
        · Portfolio Companies
        · Limited Partners
        · Executives
    – Industry Statistics (Fund)
        · Commitments
        · Performance
        · Statistics
    – Industrial Statistics (Company)
        · Investments (Disbursements)
        · Initial Public Offerings
        · Mergers & Acquisitions
• Global Public Finance
        · U.S. New Issues
        · Non-U.S. New Issues
        · MuniProfiles
        · Refunding Candidates
        · Project Finance