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U.S. News Stories and Newspapers

This is a guide to finding both online and print newspapers at NYU Libraries.

Microforms Aren't Scary!

Older copies of newspapers are often only available in microform, but this format should not stop you from using the material!

What are microforms?

Microforms are pieces of film that contain reproductions of magazines, journals, and other materials. Because newsprint and other types of paper often decay, microforms are used as a method of preserving content.  Microforms come in 2 formats: microfilm (on reels) and microfiche (sheets).

Where are the microforms?

Microforms are located on LL2 in the Microforms Reading Room.

Can I get help?

The Microforms Reading Room is staffed. In addition, notebooks with instructions are available.

Can I make copies?

All microform machines have printing capabilities; some machines also allow you to make PDF.

Finding Newspapers By Title

If you have a specific citation or you already know that you need to look at a specific newspaper, below are ways to locate that individual newspaper.  If you need to view a physical copy or a replica of a physical copy of the newspaper go to Browsing US Newspapers.

The various searches below are listed in the order that you should try them.

Search BobCat

Search for books, journals, videos, etc. in our local libraries and special collections.

Using New York Public Library