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U.S. News Stories and Newspapers

This is a guide to finding both online and print newspapers at NYU Libraries.

Find a specific newspaper

If you are looking for a publication not listed above, search for it using the Books & More tab in the Library catalog. This system will search across our databases and list the ones containing full-text articles from your publication. Check the date ranges for each one and choose the one containing the date you need. If there are multiple that include your date, choose whichever one you like!

If you are looking for articles from the most recent issue (or any specific issue) you may need to browse or filter articles by date. 

If you are looking for a specific article, follow this same process to first find the database where the newspaper or magazine is available and then search or browse within the database to get to the specific article you need.

Search the NYU Libraries Catalog

Search for books, journals, videos, etc. in our local libraries and special collections.


Online Access to Popular US Newspapers and Magazines

I Need a Physical Copy of the Newspaper!

Sometimes it's necessary to look at a physical copy of a newspaper. Databases such as LexisNexis and Proquest only provide full text of articles and often exclude graphics or photos associated with stories.  Moreover, they don't allow you to see the context of the news story because you do not see the page that the story appeared on. 

Below are ways to either locate physical copies or physical representations of newspapers.

Print newspapers and magazines in Bobst, NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai Libraries

Here are some of the most requested titles that the NYU Libraries has in print on the 9th floor of the Bobst Library, in the current periodicals and newspapers section

Newspaper/Magazine title Print (hardcopy) coverage dates on the 9th Floor of Bobst
The New York Times Most recent 2-3 months 
International New York Times Most recent 2-3 months 
The Wall Street Journal Most recent 2-3 months 
The Financial Times Most recent 2-3 months 
The Washington Post Most recent 2-3 months 
Le Monde Most recent 6 months
New York Review of Books Most recent year
Harvard Business Review Most recent 3-4 years

The following print newspapers are available in the NYU Abu Dhabi Library. Each title is kept for approximately one week.

  • Al Ittihad
  • Financial Times
  • Gulf News
  • The Gulf Times
  • Khaleej Times
  • The National
  • The International New York Times

The following print newspapers are available in the NYU Shanghai library:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Financial Times
  • South China Morning Post
  • International New York Times

Using New York Public Library

Digital Replicas of U.S. Newspapers (Online)