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Francophone Literature: Libraries & Archives

Library resources for information about Francophone literature.

Libraries & Archives

Directories of Libraries and Archives

  • Guide to the Africana Collection at the University of George A. Smathers Libraries 
    Author: By Daniel Reboussin (Africana Specialist), University of Florida. 
      This guide describes: the Africana collections at the U. of Florida, important sub-collections, special collections, institutional affiliations, etc.
  • International Directory of African Studies Research / Repertoire international des études africaines. 
    Baker, Philip. London; New Jersey: H Zell, 1994. 
    Bobst Ref1 DT19.8.I58 1994
      Directory of research centers worldwide. Includes contact information, library holdings, affiliations, publications, etc. Indexes for: themes by area/country, international organizations, ethnonyms and language names, serial publications & monograph series, personnel.
  • Scholars' guide to Washington, D.C., for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 
    Grow, Michael. Washington, D.C.: Woodrow Wilson Center Press, c1992. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z1601.G867 1992
      An excellent resource. Describes the scholarly resources in the Washington D.C. area for Latin-american and Caribbean studies. Describes in detail library and archive collections, as well as organizations. The organizations section includes: research centers, academic programs, media, cultural exchange, etc. Includes indexes for the following: personal papers, artists, library subject-strength, subject, organizations and institutions.
  • SCOLMA Directory of Libraries and Special Collections on Africa in the United Kingdom and in Europe. 
    French, Tom. New York. Hens Zell Publishers. 1993. 
    Offsite storage Z3501 .F75 1993 (request from offsite via:
      Arrangement is by country; includes eastern Europe. For resources on both North and sub-saharan Africa. Detailed information for each library or special collection includes: name of the Africana specialist, contact information, hours, nature of the library, details about the Africana holdings. Index for names of institutions, subjects, African countries, and regions.
  • Sources for West Indian Studies: A Supplementary Listing, with Particular Reference to Manuscript Sources. 
    Ingram, K. E. Zug, Switzerland : Inter Documentation Co., c1983. 
    Bobst Z1502.B5 I47 1983
      Includes collections in the UK and the West Indies. Arrangement is by regional area, then town name, then name of archive. Each entry includes a description of the manuscripts; some entries are quite detailed. Index provides access by personal name, geographical region, name of institution. Note: no subject access.
  • The World Bibliographical Series. 
    All volumes published by Clio Press, Oxford. 
    Location varies depending on subject.
        Some of the more recent volumes include:
        Cote d'Ivoire: DT545.22.D36 1996
        Martinique: Ref1 Z1561.M37 C7 1995
        Morocco: Ref1 Z3836.F56 1995
        Algeria: Ref1 Z3681.L378 1995
        Zaire: Ref1 Z3631.W5 1995
        Haiti: Ref1 Z1531.C47 1994
    • For each country, these bibliographies provide broad coverage of all information and issues related to that country (eg. Geography, flora/fauna, social welfare, transportation, etc.). Each bibliography contains information on language, cultural and intellectural life, literature, visual arts, libraries and archives, newspapers/periodicals.Note: Search in BobCat by the series name (se=world bibliographical series) for a full list of titles.

Individual Library Catalogs and Descriptions of Collections

  • African History and Literatures.
    Widener Library shelflist, Harvard University. 1971. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3509.H37
      Arrangement: call number listing, chronological listing, author & title listing. Note: No subject access! However, this resource is interesting for its chronological listing of titles.
  • The catalogue of the West India Reference Library.
    Institute of Jamaica, Kingston. West India Reference Library. Millwood, N.Y.: Kraus International Publications, [1980-] 
    Bobst Ref1 Z1501.I59 1980
      Old and limited, but potentially useful catalog. Presents the holdings of Jamaica's West India Reference Library, founded 1894. Coverage includes the French-speaking islands, but not as comprehensive as for Jamaica and other former British colonies. Emphasis on English-language works. See the introduction for a more detailed description.
  • Littératures africaines à la bibliothèque nationale: Catalogue des ouvrages d'écrivains africains et de la littérature critique s'y rapportant entrés à la Bibliothèque nationale, 1920-1972. 
    Bibliothèque nationale (France). Paris: La bibliothèque, c1991.
    Bobst Ref1 Z3508.L5 B53 1991
      Lists, by country of the author, literature of sub-saharan Africa acquired by the BN from 1920-1972. In compiling this catalog, there was an attempt to exclude colonial writers not born in Africa (see the introduction for more complete description). Primarily, but not exclusively, franch language literature. Also includes an index of authors.
  • Littératures africaines à la bibliothèque nationale: Catalogue des ouvrages d'écrivains africains et de la littérature critique s'y rapportant entrés à la Bibliothèque nationale, 1973-1983. 
    Bibliothèque nationale (France). Paris: La bibliothèque, c1984.
    Bobst Ref1 Z3508.L5 F7 1984
      Continuation of the title above.
  • Northwestern University Library, The Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies
    Author: John Bruce Howell, International Studies Bibliographer, University of Iowa Libraries. 
      Description: Established in 1954, the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies at Northwestern University is the largest separate Africana collection in existence. This site gives an overview of its collection.

Union Catalogs and Special Catalogs

  • CAMP Catalog. (Cooperative Africana Microform Project). 
    Chicago, Ill. : Cooperative Africana Microform Project and the Center for Research Libraries, [1985]. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3509.C66 1985
      Created in 1963 to bring together in microform a collection of research materials related to Africa for the cooperative use of the members. Arrangement is alphabetical by author or title. Subject access is provided by an index. These titles can be borrowed by eligible NYU students through Interlibrary Loan. Note: these reduced reprints of catalog cards are difficult to read.
  • Periodicals from Africa: A Bibliography and Union List of Periodicals Published in Africa. 
    Travis, Carole. Boston : G. K. Hall, c1977. 
    Bobst Z3503.T73.
      The aim of this bibliography is to provide as comprehensive a list as possible of periodicals published in Africa, and to give locations for those titles held in libraries in the United Kingdom. Covers all countries of the continent of Africa except Egypt. Coverage of South Africa is partial and only reflects material held in United Kingdom libraries. Includes both continuing and ceased periodicals. Note: cut off date for inclusion was 1973.
  • Serials for African Studies. 
    Library of Congress. African Section.Washington: General Reference and Bibliography Division, Reference Dept., Library of Congress, 1961. 
    Bobst Ref1 Z3503.L53 1961.
      Consists of reproductions of cards pulled from the Library of Congress's catalog. Includes information about the library's holdings of these titles. Note: this catalog is quite old.

    Note: There are 4 other important union catalogs to consult.
    • WorldCat is a nation-wide database of research libraries' holdings. WorldCat will allow you to do title, author, and subject searching for titles which may not be held at Bobst Library 
    • The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is an international not-for-profit consortium of colleges, universities and libraries that makes available scholarly research resources to users everywhere. Search the CRL Catalog to find resources which you can then borrow through Interlibrary Loan. 
    • National Union Catalog. Pre-1956 imprints. 
      Washington, Library of Congress. 
      Bobst Ref6 and Microform MF 2512
        A union catalog of US research libraries' pre-1956 holdings.
    • National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections. 
      Washington, Library of Congress. 
      Microform, Bobst Lower Level 2, (MF 2512 Non-circulating)
      Online Access:
          Index to Personal Names. 2 vols.
          Bobst Ref1 Z6620.U5 I53 1988
          Coverage: 1959-1984.

          Index to Subjects and Corporate Names. 3 vols.
          Bobst Ref1 Z6620.U5 N3
          Coverage: 1959-1984.

          Note: For years not covered by the two indexes listed above, use the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections's own indexing; 1985 index, 1986-1990 index, 1991-1993 index.

      • Lists locations of manuscript collections in the United States.

        Use in conjunction with the following indexes: