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Capstone and PICO (T) Project Toolkit: START Scoping

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Diving in:

  • As you embark on a literature search, begin with a scoping search to locate existing literature syntheses: "... a scoping review is an iterative process whereby existing literature is identified, examined and conceptually mapped, and where gaps are identified. Think of a scoping review as a first step in doing any systematic literature review or large study." ( )
  • For example, you might need overview, "background" information on a PROBLEM, PATIENT OR POPULATION:
    • A disease:  type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's, autistic disorder, UTI, osteoarthritis
    • A procedure: knee replacement
    • A patient population: "patients with indwelling urinary catheters," "post-op C-section," toddler with ear infection.
  • And, you might need overview, general reference content on an INTERVENTION:
    • animal therapy
    • A drug: lipitor, insulin, ibuprofen
    • hand scrubbing
    • nurse-patient ratio
    • therapeutic touch
  • Explore, browse, gather syntheses and background information here: Books and E-Texts

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