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Conservation of Art and Cultural Heritage

A guide to information sources on the conservation of art and other tangible cultural heritage.
A bookshelf showing the spines of new books on time-based media.
A painting conservator's worktable with palette and brush.
An open book with multiple color paint samples.
An open file cabinet with folders from student treatment files.


This guide is intended as a point of reference for basic research on the conservation and technology of art and tangible cultural heritage and as a source of information about the Conservation Center Library. Included are descriptions of research material available at the library, other libraries throughout NYU, and content available electronically, some of which is licensed and available only to current members of the NYU community.

Conservation Center Library

The Conservation Center Library is one of two locations of NYU's Institute of Fine Arts Library, located across the street from its partner, the Stephen Chan Library in the Institute's Duke House. This library is located on the 2nd floor of the Conservation Center at 14 East 78th Street in New York City. Its collection supports the research and curricular interests of the program, including topics covering a wide range of specializations within cultural heritage conservation and its allied fields. The collection includes rare books, videotapes and DVDs, student reports, and sample materials. 


Entrance to the library is restricted to active NYU cardholders who are currently enrolled, attending classes, or teaching at the Institute of Fine Arts. For more information, contact Daniel Biddle.


The library is open Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except during University holidays.

Research Services

For more information on resources and services available, see our Using the Institute of Fine Arts Library (Google Doc)

Tables, chairs and bookshelves in the Reading Room of the Conservation Center Library.

Conservation Center

The Institute of Fine Arts' Conservation Center program trains students for careers in the field and confers to graduates two degrees: an MS in the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and an MA in the History of Art and Archaeology. Students choose specializations in modern & contemporary, time-based media, objects, paintings, paper, photographs, or library & archives.

NYU Libraries, Consortium, & Affiliate Locations

NYU students and faculty have access to several different art library locations in New York City. Use the links below to access information on each library's hours and services.