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Consumer Historical

Consumer Historical Dataset Introduction


Data Axle (Infogroup) Historical Consumer Data

Data Axle (formerly known as Infogroup) Consumer Historical data is compiled from data provided by more than 100 sources including real estate, tax assessments, voter registrations, utility connections, bill processors and more. The historical files are available from 2006 to 2023.

Time Period: 2006-2023

Geographic Coverage and Unit: United States, households

Access Consumer Historical

For requesting access to the data files, you will need to:

  1. Complete a Data Management Plan using our template in DMPTool. You can login with your NetID and password by selecting the institutional login. Export your data management plan as a PDF, you will need to attach it in the next step. If you are an undergraduate student who is not working on a capstone project, skip this step and go to #2.
  2. Submit Term of Use, consumer historical data is limited to use for personal academic research purposes only. 

Primary status at NYU Full raw data Data Documentations Anonymized sample
Undergraduate student
Undergraduate student - completing a capstone
Graduate student
Visiting scholar/scholar-in-residence
Non-NYU collaborator

Consumer Historical Supporting Documents

Supplementary documents: Product Brochure | File Layout | Data Summary

Sample Data: Consumer Historical Sample Data

Once you have been granted access to the data, you can download it using one of two available options:


  1. Data is available in compressed CSV format as zipped files (.gz). The size of each file can be found in the Data Summary
  2. Data can be downloaded either from the Research Workspace or Globus. However, accessing data files in the cloud (without downloading) is only possible through the Research Workspace.