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Accessing Current News: Introduction



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Today's News and Newspapers

Want to keep up with current events, but not ready to subscribe to ALL of the newspapers and magazines you love? Good news! You can access many of your favorite news sources through the NYU Libraries.

Check out the list of popular sources below, browse newspapers by keyword using one of the recommended databases, learn how to find the most recent issues of a specific newspaper, or scroll to the bottom to see Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Newspapers and Magazines - Online Access

Finding a specific newspaper or magazine

If you are looking for a publication not listed above, search for it using the Journals tab in BobCat. This system will search across our databases and list the ones containing full-text articles from your publication. Check the date ranges for each one and choose the one containing the date you need. If there are multiple that include your date, choose whichever one you like!

If you are looking for articles from the most recent issue (or any specific issue) you may need to browse or filter articles by date. 

If you are looking for a specific article, follow this same process to first find the database where the newspaper or magazine is available and then search or browse within the database to get to the specific article you need.

Print newspapers and magazines in Bobst, NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai Libraries

Here are some of the most requested titles that the NYU Library has in print on the 3rd floor of the Bobst Library, in the current periodicals and newspapers reading room: 

Newspaper/Magazine title Print (hardcopy) coverage dates on the 3rd Floor of Bobst
The New York Times Most recent 2-3 months 
International New York Times Most recent 2-3 months
The Wall Street Journal Most recent 2-3 months
The Financial Times Most recent 2-3 months
The Washington Post Most recent 2-3 months
Le Monde Most recent 6 months
New York Review of Books Most recent year
Harvard Business Review Most recent 3-4 years


The following print newspapers are available in the NYU Abu Dhabi Library. Each title is kept for approximately one week.

Al Ittihad
Financial Times
Gulf News
The Gulf Times
Khaleej Times
The National
The International New York Times

The following print newspapers are available in the NYU Shanghai library:

Wall street Journal
Financial Times
South China Morning Post
International New York Times

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Q: How do I access the most recent articles from the Financial Times?

A: Current articles from the Financial Times are available in print on the 3rd floor of the Bobst Library, in the current periodicals and newspapers reading room. The Financial Times embargoes their articles for one month after publication, meaning that we cannot provide online access to them during that time. There are some other publishers who embargo their articles as well.  

Q: Why can't I see the images and layout in the online version?

A: When articles are archived in databases they are typically stripped of their formatting and images. If you need to see how an article appeared on the page or if you need the images, you may need to view the physical version or a scan of one. First, check if your publication is included on PressReader. If it's not, search for the publication title in BobCat or swing by the Current Periodicals Room on the 3rd Floor of Bobst (or see the box/table above for a current list) to see if we have it. If you can't find it in any of those locations, you may need to order it via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Q: Do we have access to the digital version of the New York Times?

A: Unfortunately, no. Content published exclusively on the NYT's website is not available through any of NYU's databases. But the NYT does offer discounted subscriptions for students and educators.  

Q: Does NYU have student discounts for any newspaper subscriptions?

A: NYU does not provide discounted subscriptions to any publications. However, many major media companies offer student discounts for their publications.