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Dewey Updates

Dewey is holding an introductory seminar for NYU faculty and staff interested in learning more about the platform and to go through a demo of how to access and consume the data. The seminar is on July 29th at 11am EST. 

Zoom Link: (no registration needed)

Dewey Data Introduction

Dewey is an academic research data platform that for accessing data for academic research and provides access to third-party quantitative and geospatial datasets across a variety of data categories including behavioral economics, corporate finance, marketing, real estate, public policy, real estate, urban planning, weather, workforce management, marketing, urban planning, behavioral economics, weather. Feature datasets include SafeGraph, Advan Research, dataplor.

A full list of the data products available at NYU can be found at For the full list of data products available at NYU more information, please view Dewey Data Available at NYU.

How to access Dewey?

Dewey’s platform allows any user to login to view summaries of the data available and download samples. NYU’s subscription, which is available to all current NYU faculty, students, and researchers, allows for downloads of data included in our subscription and/or purchase additional datasets at an academic discount. Access to NYU’s Dewey subscription data requires the following steps:

  1. Register: Go to and register for a Dewey account using your NYU email address ( You'll have immediate access to summaries and samples of all datasets in Dewey.
  2. Approval: A Dewey administrator will upgrade your account with the NYU subscription and send you an email notification to alert you of the change to your account. Approval may take up to 48 hours.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Access to NYU’s subscription is available to current NYU faculty, students, and staff only.
  2. Users may use the data in collaboration with up to ten (10) professors outside of NYU from up to three (3) different universities. These professors must (i) agree to comply with the terms of NYU’s license agreement with Dewey and (ii) be part of an authorized research team with a NYU faculty member.
  3. If NYU’s license to Dewey Data ends, users must delete any data downloaded from Dewey Data. However, data access may be extended if it is needed for a publication that was accepted for publication at the time the subscription ended or if required by a funder or open science mandate to retain the data (Dewey Data may request documented proof).
  4. Users cannot compare/verify/evaluate Dewey’s data with other sources and publish those findings elsewhere.
  5. Users cannot publish the data in raw form.