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Downtown Collection at the Fales Library: Downtown Finding Aids

Guide to the Downtown Collection at the Fales Library at New York University

Downtown Collection Finding Aids

A's Events Flyers Collection, 1979-1987

Kathy Acker Notebooks, 1968-1974

Lester Afflick Papers, ca. 1975-1998

A.I.R. Gallery Archives, ca. 1972-2006

Robert Alexander Papers, 1962-1987

Peter Lewis Allen Collection of Safe Sex Pamphlets, 1974-2007 (bulk 1980-1999

Mark Hall Amitin/ World of Culture for the Performing Arts, Inc. Archive, 1946-2001

Holly Anderson Papers, 1978-2005

Jarrod Anderson Drawings, 2006-2007

William Anthony Papers, 1976-2004

Jacki Apple Papers, 1984-2000

Artists Space Archive, 1973-2009

Artists Space Collection of Artists' Files, 1982-2006

Barbara Benary Collection on Gamelan Son of Lion, 1975-2015

Richard Berkowitz Papers, 1982-2015

Between C & D Archive, ca. 1983-1990

Blackout Arts Collective Archive, 1992-2011 (bulk 2001-2007)

Robert Blanchon Papers and Collection, 1985-2006

Mark Bloch Postal Art Network (PAN) Archive, 1978-2012

Jay Blotcher Papers, ca. 1987-2001

Ted Bonin Collection on Downtown Artists

Caterina Borelli Papers, 1981-1984

Scot Borofsky Papers, 1982-2007

Bern Boyle Papers, 1976 - 2000 (bulk 1979 - 1989)

Judith Braun Papers, 1978-2012

Stefan Brecht Papers, 1960-2000 (bulk 1960-1980)

Jeff Brosnan Collection, 1979-98

Libby Brown Collection on Dorothy Dean

David Burge Papers, 1947-2011

Pam Butler Good Girl Archive, ca. 1992-2011

Bill Bytsura ACT UP Photography Collection, 1981-2012 (bulk 1989-1997)

Andrea Callard Papers, 1966-2000

Joe Campbell Collection of Dorothy Dean Letters, 1964-1987

George Carter Collection of AIDS Research, 1984-2015

Susan Cataldo Papers, 1977-2003

Lenora Champagne Papers, 1984-1991

Michael Colby Collection on the Algonquin Hotel, 1949-2016

Collective: Unconscious Archive, 1995-2008 (bulk 1998-2004) 

Come!Unity Press Collection, 1972-1977

Julie Covello Papers, 1999-2016

Cover Magazine Archive, ca. 1986-1999 

Dennis Cooper Papers, ca. 1970-2002

Creative Time Archives, 1973-2006 

Christopher D'Arcangelo Papers, 1965-2003 (bulk 1975-1978)

Darinka Archive, 1973-2010

Jaime Davidovich Collection, 1953-2000 

Jimmy De Sana Papers, 1954-1997 (bulk 1977-1990)

Samuel R. Delany, Jr. ("Chip") Correspondence

Dickason Papers, 1920-2000

Patricia Dix Papers, 1942-2001

Tim Dlugos Papers, ca. 1950-1996 (bulk 1970-1997)

Donald Dombowsky Papers, 1977-2011

Magie Dominic Acker Award

Magie Dominic Off Off-Broadway Collection, 1952-2011

Peter Dougherty Collection, 1965-2001 

Downtown Flyers and Invitations Collection, ca. 1980-1990

Denise Duhamel Collection, 1983-2002

Chloe Dzubilo Papers, 1976-2011 (bulk 1995-2011)

East 13th Street Band Recordings, 1981-1985

Dawn Eden Papers, 1993-1999

Epoxy Art Group Archive, 1982-1992

Elaine Equi and Jerome Sala Papers, 1972-2012

Exit Art Archive, 1982-2011

Eye and Ear Theater Archive, 1979-1996

Stephen Facey Collection on Theatre Genesis, 1964-2016

Fashion Moda Archive, 1978-1993

Avram Finkelstein Papers, 1968-2015 (bulk 1986-2014) 

Thom Fogarty Collection on ACT UP and AIDS Research, 1990-1991

Folklore Center Collection, 1961-1968

Laura Foreman Papers, 1949-2001

Richard Foreman Papers, 1942-2004 (bulk 1969-2004)

Maria Irene Fornes Papers, 1909-2005 (bulk, 1980-1999)

Adele Fournet Papers, 2008-2017

Adele Fournet Papers on the Bit Rosie Web Series, 2015-2016

Lisa Fox and Curt Royston Papers, 1980-1987

Julie Kathryn Franco (I Am Snow Angel) Collection, 2014-2016

Franklin Furnace Ephemera Collection, Compiled by Matthew Hogan, ca. 1970 - 2007 (bulk 1985 - 2007)

Gay Cable Network Archive, 1982-2000

Gay U.S.A. Collection, 2000-2012

A Gathering of the Tribes Archive, 1983-2006

Jack Gelber Papers, 1938-2002 (bulk 1957-1999)

David Giannini Collection on Richard Hell and Genesis: Grasp, 1968-1972

Godzilla Asian American Arts Network Archive, 1990-2003

Malcolm Goldstein Papers, 1955-2013 (bulk 1970-2000)

Brad Gooch Collection on Dorothy Dean, 1950-1979

Daniel Goode Papers, 1960-2009 (bulk 1974-2004) 

Greenwall Foundation Archive, 1976-2011 (bulk 1991-2010)

Group Material Archive, 1976-2009 (bulk 1979-1996)

Guerrilla Girls Archive, 1985-2010

Guerrilla TV Archive, 1965-1997 

David Gurin Collection on Jack Smith

John Hall Papers, 1977-1978 

Jane Heil Collection of Richard Lipton Memorabilia, 1967-1973

Richard Hell Papers, 1944-2003 (bulk 1969-2003) 

Julius Hemphill Papers, 1938-2003

Frank Hentschker Collection of Off and Off-Off Broadway Ephemera, 2004-2009

Elisa Hertz Collection of Concert and Nightclub Ephemera, 1980s-2000s

Alice Himelstein AREA Collection, ca. 1983-1987

Bob Holman Audio/Video Poetry Collection, 1977-2002 

Alysa Hornick Collection of Clubbing Flyers  

Gary Indiana Papers, 1976-2005 

Sarah G. Jacobson Papers, 1966-2003 (bulk 1992-2003)

Dean Johnson Papers, 1982-2007

Judson Memorial Church Archive, 1838-1995 

K. Marie Kim Papers, 2012-2017

Alan Klein Papers, ca. 1980-1995

Christopher Knowles Papers, 1973-2014 (bulk 1973-1990)

Ron Kolm Papers, ca. 1970-2003 

Harry Kondoleon Papers, 1970-2016

Richard Kostelanetz Collection, 1961-1997

Tuli Kupferbeg and Sylvia Topp Papers, 1960-2000

Michael Lally Papers, 1930-ongoing

Paul Langland Papers, 1926-2011

Richard Leck Papers, 1994-2008

Ed Leffingwell Jack Smith Curatorial Files, 1962-2010 (bulk 1993-1998) 

Larry Levan and Mel Cheren Collection on the Paradise Garage  

Heather Lewis Papers, 1965-2002 (bulk 1980-1999)

Sylvère Lotringer Papers and Semiotext(e) Archive 1960-2000 (Bulk 1973-2000) 

Mabou Mines Archive, 1970-1995 

Fred W. McDarrah Gay Pride Photographs Collection, 1964-1993

Tony Martin Papers,1960-2006

William Ryder Mathers Collection of David Wojnarowicz and Montanna, 1989-1990 

Mendez Mural Community Garden Collection, 1996-2000

Debra Miller Collection, 1981-2012

Larry Miller Fluxus Collection, 1976-2011

Mix Collection, 1970-2001 (bulk 1987-2001)

Ursule Molinaro Papers, 1942-2004

Linda Mary Montano Papers, 1942-2014 

Frank Moore Papers, 1971-2003

Mark Mothersbaugh "Music for Six-Sided Keyboard" Collection

MRNY Downtown Clubbing Collection, 1978-2012

Patty Mucha Papers, 1954-2011

Anthony Napoli Collection of David Wojnarowicz Letters

Joseph Nechvatal Papers, 1970-2012

New Museum Library Lucy Lippard Collection, 1962-2005 (bulk 1977-1995)

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Records, 1971-2016

NIGHTCLUBBING Archive by Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong, 1970-2009 (bulk 1975-1980)

Annina Nosei Gallery Archive, 1963-2009

Jennifer (Sudie) Nostrand Papers, 1965-2017

"Not Only This, But New Language Beckons Us" Exhibition Archive, 2013

Judy Nylon Collection on New York City Tenants' Rights, 1999-2011

Only Human, HIV-negative Gay Men in the AIDS Epidemic Archive, 1995-1996

Palladium Flyers Collection, ca. 1985–1987

April Palmieri Papers, 1980–1990

Paper Tiger Television Archive, 1981–2008

Parasite Archive, 1966-1999 (bulk 1966–1999)

Wendy Perron Papers, 1973-2001

Felice Picano Collection on SeaHorse Press and Gay Presses of New York

Candida Scott Piel Papers and AmFAR Collection, 1969-2003

Amos Poe Papers, 1966–2005

Larry Polansky Papers, 1937-ongoing

Neil Polen Photographs, 1978-1987

Harold and Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz Public Art Archive, 1961–2009 (bulk 1976-2005)

Public Art Fund Archive, 1966–2009

Pyramid Club Flyers Collection, ca. 1980s

Queer / Art / Film Collection, 2012–2011

Yvonne Rainer Grand Union performance videotape collection, 1972 

Red Hot Organization Collection, 1990–2002 

Redtape Archive, ca. 1972–1992 (bulk 1982–1992)

REPOhistory Archive, 1911–1999 (bulk 1989–1999)

Hunter Reynolds Papers and Collection, 1980–2007 (bulk 1993–2007)

Larry Rivers Papers, 1952-2010

Michael Robinson Papers, 1969-2017

Curt Royston Papers, 1987-2000

Tom Savage Papers, 1976-1997

Johnny Science Papers, 1968-2003

Scott and Gary Show Archive, ca. 1983-1989 

Terence Sellers Papers, 1967-2000

Sensitive Skin Magazine Archive 

Serpent's Tail/ High Risk Books Archive, ca. 1990-1997

Shael Shapiro Papers, 1965-2006

Stuart Sherman Papers, 1945-2001 (bulk 1961-2001)

Michelangelo Signorile Papers ca. 1985-2000 

Ira Silverberg Papers, 1980-2007 

Hal Sirowitz Papers, 1943-2004

Ed Smith Papers, 1974-2005 (bulk 1978-2004) 

Jack Smith Papers, 1891-1990 (bulk 1963/1985)

Tim Smith Collection on the Saint, 1980-2014

Lee Snider Photograph Collection, ca. 1977-2009 

Sparrow Papers, ca. 1970-2000 

Split Britches Archive, 1978-2000

Marita Sturken Papers, 1958-1987

Stephen Styles Papers, 1980s-2000s

Nelson Sullivan Video Collection, 1983-1989

Karen Swenson Papers, 1945-2002

Frederieke S. Taylor Papers, 1966-2019

John Tegnell Collection on John Watts, 1973-1977

Todd Thomas and Robert Blanchon Papers, 1983-2001

Lynne Tillman Papers, 1939-2008 (bulk 1984-2006) 

Nancy Topf Papers, 1946-2012

Mike Topp Papers, 1949-2008

David Trinidad Papers, 1970-1998 

Lloyd Trufelman Collection on the Artists' Television Network, 1979-1980

Ubu Repertory Theater Script Collection, ca. 1982-1994

Marina Urbach Collection on C Space Gallery, 1976-2015

John Vaccaro and the Play-House of the Ridiculous Papers

Ronald Vance Papers

Janine Vega Collection of David Wojnarowicz Letters

John Watts Papers, 1945-1982 (bulk 1970-1979)

Martha Wilson Papers, 1950-2009 (bulk 1964-2006)

Bob Witz Papers/Appearances Magazine, ca. 1980-1996

David Wojnarowicz Papers, ca. 1954-1992

Gary Ware Collection of Martin Wong Letters, 1966-1979

Jack Waters Papers, 1979-2005

Kirk Winslow Papers, 1960-2004

Martin Wong Papers, ca. 1982-1999

Guide to Nancy Woolley / Montanna Houston Correspondence, 1975-2015 (bulk 1975-1985)

Martin Worman Collection, 1960s-1994

Nick Zedd Papers, 1963-2010





























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