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An overview of the resources available for researchers in the field of education, generally focused on K-12 education in the United States.

Curriculum Materials

This page has been curated by Kendra Tyson, the librarian at The Georgiou Library and Resource Center for Children and Literature. For Lesson Planning Resources and other Learning Content, please refer to the Teaching & Learning Tools page in this guide.

Children's Literature Collections

NYU has two main collections of children's literature:

  1. The collection on the 6th floor of NYU's Bobst Library and
  2. A collection in the East Building maintained by The Georgiou Library and Resource Center for Children and Literature

Children's Literature Databases

Book Reviews

Sources for authoritative reviews of children's literature.

Selected Children's Literature Resources Online

Curriculum Standards

National Curriculum Standards

Assessment Tools

For instruction on finding various tests or measures, please: