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Electrical and Computer Engineering

A guide for finding articles and other resources for electrical engineering.


The word "standards" in the context of Electrical and Electronic Engineering refers to documents providing:

  • definitions of terms (including measurements and other quantitative parameters)
  • algorithms for performing various calculations
  • technical requirements, standardizations of practices and procedures (including safety standards and guidelines)

Documents labeled as "recommended practices", "best practices", "guides", "guidelines" all come under the larger genre of Standards. Standards are generally established through consensus by representatives of different countries, professional bodies and organizations. In an era when so many technologies are distributed across multiple devices and interoperability is so important, standardization is crucial and familiarity with industry standards, guidelines (and the venues where they are published) is part of being literate in the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering/ Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Searching & Accessing Standards

Information about Standards and Standard-Issuing Organizations