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Finals Resources

Library resources to set you up for success and relieve stress as the end of the semester approaches.

Study Playlists from NYU Libraries

Whether you need some music to amp you up before the big exam or calm you down so you can focus on writing that paper, we've got the jams for you. These lists are created by librarians and library staff to liven up your study sessions. 

Goblin Radio: It Came For The Stacks!

Listen  to the "Goblin Radio: It Came From The Stacks!" playlist on Spotify. 

Jams to shelve or study to, curated by the NYU Libraries Stacks Team.

Lo-fi Video Game Music

Listen to the "Lo-fi Video Game Music" playlist on Spotify.

This soothing playlist is full of lo-fi versions of video game music - mostly 1990s/2000s Nintendo 64 & Gameboy Color. It was created by Nicole Helregel, Librarian for Open Science. Her study music includes: this playlist, anything by Ratatat, and the Pride & Prejudice (2005) original soundtrack.

Eclectic Study

Listen to the "Eclectic Study" playlist on Spotify.

Looking for some inspiration and study motivation? Enjoy this eclectic mix featuring soft piano to shoegaze to gauzy songwriting. This playlist was compiled by Jeannie Morgenstern, Collections and Access Services Assistant. 

Positively Productive

Listen to the "Positively Productive" playlist on Spotify.

This playlist was created by Danielle Nista, Assistant University Archivist, to help you balance working and pausing. The playlist is divided into 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 minute work sections, with a 10 minute dance/positivity break in between. Believe in your power! You've got this.