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Introduction to Computer Science

This research guide contains resources that will help you with assignments for the Introduction to Computer Science (CS) course.

Ebooks Databases

Try the databases below to find ebooks in the field of computer science:

Searching for Ebooks

When searching in ebooks databases, try these simple tricks:

  • Use keywords to find materials about your topic, e.g. artificial intelligence, programming, software engineering

  • Do a title search to find books with certain words in the title, e.g. computer science, algorithm, code

  • Limit your search by year to find books published within the last five years or more recently

Where Can I find Computer Science (CS) Books at the NYUAD Library?

Browse the NYUAD collection in these call number areas to find books related to your topic:

  • QA75-76.765: Computer science, computer software

  • QA273-433: Mathematical statistics, analysis

  • TJ210-240: Mechanical devices, robots, machine design

  • TK7885-7895: Computer engineering