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L2 Political Academic Voter File

Access instructions to L2 Political voter data at New York University

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NYU Libraries has licensed access to the L2 Political Academic Voter File. The file is a continuously updated database of every registered voter in the United States and includes basic socio-demographic indicators (some of which are modeled), consumer preferences, political party affiliation, voting history, and more. NYU's access to L2 Political includes four variations.

VoterMapping Map Query Interface

The VoterMapping Interface allows users to navigate an area via a map and select data extracts of the most current version of the L2 Political processed data file. Users who apply for access will receive an account with a unique username and password that provides the ability to select and extract data as a .csv.

Complete Raw Data Files

Users can apply to access the entire set of voter data, which includes almost 300 million individual cases. The files are updated on a semi-annual basis (although more frequent updates may be available depending on research needs). Users who apply for and are granted access will connect to a folder that contains state-by-state files, which include two tab separated value files (.tab) for each state that can be joined together by a unique identifier. Access to the files is provisioned via mountable storage in NYU's Research Workspace (RW). Note that users must connect to Research Workspace through the VPN when off campus.

Historical Processed and Raw Data Files

NYU has also licensed access to L2 Political historical backlog of data. This backlog includes versions of the L2 Processed voter file going back to 2008 (for most U.S. states) and unprocessed "raw" state voter rolls, also going back to 2008 for most U.S. states. These files are also available via NYU's Research Workspace.

Derived Samples and Subsets

Because the L2 Voter File contains personally identifying information, the NYU Data Services team has worked to produce subsets and derived versions of the data for a broader research use with PID removed. For example, see the random sample of voters in New York State in NYU's Spatial Data Repository.

How to request access

In order to gain access to any or all three of these sources of L2 Political Data, please read and agree to the terms of use

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If you have questions about L2 Political Data, please contact Data Services (