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Legal Studies: Law & Humanities

A guide to legal resources in support of the Legal Studies program at NYUAD.

Introduction to Law and Humanities

[It is] a fact too often forgotten – that law touches at some point every conceivable human interest, and that its study is, perhaps above all others, precisely the one which leads straight to the humanities. --Ernest W. Huffcutt, “The Literature of Law” (1892)

Key Journals

Interdisciplinary Legal Studies

Database searching

Search Legal Source (EBSCO) with a combination of the following terms:

  • Law and Literature
  • Law and Humanities
  • Law in Literature
  • Literature in Law
  • Law and Culture
  • Law and Language
  • Law and Communication
  • Law and Ethics
  • Law and Anthropology
  • Law and Philosophy

Other terms: rhetoric, poetry, fiction, art, aesthetics, society, social justice, human rights, narrative, interpretation, criticism, critique, literary techniques, postmodern, feminism

Law and Literature - Key Figures

The following are some important contributors to the 'Law and Literature' movement:

Law and Ethics