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Medieval Drama

A guide for students and scholars interested in the study of medieval drama

Subject Headings

Subject headings are words and phrases which constitute a "controlled vocabulary" to categorize books by subject field.  Subject headings often indicate the contents of books in terms that their titles do not use, which often may be very general. Subject headings in online databases are often referred to as descriptors, but they serve the same purpose in locating valuable resources.

Use general subject headings for searching a broad topic or more specific subject headings for a specific text, film, or play.

You will find (more) headings specific to the subject category within the left-hand facets in our online catalog.  If you want to see the subject headings for a specific title, click on the "details" link in the title record. 

Here are some subject headings you may want to try:

  • English drama -  To 1500 - History and criticism
  • French drama -  To 1500 -  History and criticism
  • Mysteries and miracle-plays, English
  • Theater -  England  -  History -  Medieval , 500-1500
  • Theater and society - England - History and criticism
  • Theatre audiences - England - History - To 1500

The term "England" is used in many of these subject headings, but you could easily change that to another location.

Books in the Stacks

Non-English Medieval Drama

Facsimiles of Medieval Manuscripts at Bobst Library

Bobst Library's holdings of Old English and Middle English manuscripts in facsimile, and also notes the guides and indices which accompany these holdings.

N.B.: Not all series are complete. Where indicated, the order request date has been included.

  • The Chester Mystery Cycle: A Facsimile of MS Bodley 175. R. M. Lumiansky & David Mills, eds. 1973.
    • PR1260.C36 1973 Oversize
  • The Chester Mystery Cycle: A Facsimile of British Library MS Harley 2124. David Mills, ed. 1984.
    • PR1261.C54 1984 Oversize
  • The Chester Mystery Cycle: A Reduced Facsimile of Huntington Library MS 2. R. M. Lumiansky & David Mills, eds. 1980.
    • PR1261.C52 1980 Oversize
  • The Digby Plays: Facsimiles of the Plays in Bodley MS Digby 133 and e Museo 160. Donald C. Baker & J. L. Murphy, eds. 1976.
    • PR1260.D49 1976
  • The N-Town Plays: A Facsimile of British Library MS Cotton Vespasian D.VIII. Peter Meredith & Stanley J. Kahrl, eds. 1977.
    • PR1260.C64 1977
  • Non-Cycle Plays and the Winchester Dialogues: Facsimiles of Plays and Fragments. Norman Davis, ed. 1979.
    • PR1260.N66 Oversize
  • The Towneley Cycle: A Facsimile of Huntington MS HM I. A. C. Cawley & Martin Stevens, eds.
    • PR1260.T65 1976b Oversize
  • The York Play: A Facsimile of British Library MS Additional 35290. . . . Richard Beadle & Peter Meredith, eds. 1983.
    • PR1261.Y67 1983 Oversize