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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Readings about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement curated for MLK Week at NYU.

About The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute

Building upon the achievements of Stanford University's Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project, the King Institute supports a broad range of activities illuminating Dr. King's life and the movements he inspired.

Since its founding, the King Papers Project’s mission has expanded to include various educational and research activities. In 2005, Dr. Clayborne Carson created the Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute as a permanent endowed center to sustain the King Papers Project and its related initiatives. With initial support from founding donor Ronnie Lott and his All Stars Helping Kids organization, the Institute is continuing its effort to secure a $12 million endowment.

The books featured on this page are part of the King Institute's Recommended Readings list. Visit the King Institute website to learn more about their resources.

Recommended Readings from The King Institute