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NIH Public Access Policy

A guide to the Public Access Policy of the National Institutes of Health. Provides an overview of the policy, along with specific steps to follow in order to bring articles into compliance.


The National Institutes of Health logo.The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Public Access Policy became effective April 7, 2008. The NIH requires that the author's final version of any peer-reviewed journal article resulting from NIH-funded activities must be submitted to PubMed Central (PMC), NIH's digital repository, where it will be made available to the public within 12 months after the  article is published.

The information in this guide will help with several of the compliance issues New York University authors will need to address.

  • Policy Overview reviews the basic steps involved in complying with the policy, including copyright, submission, and citing PMCIDs
  • Steps for handling a non-compliant publication is a worksheet designed to help you work step-wise through the process of bringing a publication into compliance with the policy within My Bibliography
  • Frequently Asked Questions provide more details and steps to resolve frequently encountered issues with compliance

NOTE: The NIH Public Access Policy does not apply to the following:

  • Articles accepted for publication before April 7, 2008
  • Articles which resulted from work that was not funded by NIH
  • Books and book chapters
  • Dissertations
  • Any non peer-reviewed work, such as some conference proceedings or editorials
  • (currently) Manuscripts printed in scripts other than Latin (like Russian or Japanese)


Upcoming workshops will be listed here. If you don't see any, we can schedule one for your group. These workshops can cover:

  • Basics of the NIH or NSF public access policies
  • Using My Bibliography to manage grant reporting and compliance
  • Using SciENcv to create, and store biosketches for NIH and NSF

Contact Hope Lappen for information about setting up a workshop.