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Affordable and Open Educational Resources

This guide will assist NYU instructors in understanding the basics in finding, using, or creating affordable and open course content.

Course Materials at NYU Libraries

NYU Libraries seeks to advance teaching and learning at the University, including by providing resources and services for course reading and learning materials. The Libraries have significant services and teams to help instructors find and adopt course materials that are free or low-cost for students. We can help in 2 important areas: 

  • Open Educational Resources

  • Library Course Content

OER and Library Course Content

Side-by-side comparison of open educational resources and library course content
Open Educational Resources (OERs) Library Course Content

Open padlock.

  • Materials that are openly licensed (e.g., via Creative Commons) or in the public domain, allowing broad legal use of the materials without having to seek permissions.
  • Largely free, not just at NYU, but to all.
  • Part of a broader effort in international higher education to make learning more affordable and accessible for students.

Image credit: "Unlock" by Mariia Nisiforova on The Noun Project.

Dollar sign with downward pointing arrow.

  • The Libraries purchase and license resources for the NYU community to use. These can help lower course material costs for NYU students.
  • Not generally openly licensed.
  • Accessed with NYU authentication.
  • Consider licensing restrictions for the particular materials, and of fair use for your intended use

Image credit: "Dollar" by Colleen Wilson on The Noun Project.