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NYU Libraries Online Tutorials

Popular research & library tasks in short tutorials, with links to more help.

Using Research Guides

Research Guides provide a comprehensive approach to doing research in a subject area, link out to essential sources, and introduce you to the librarian who specializes in the subject. There are more than 400 Research Guides in 66 subject categories.

Learn about Research Guides with this Art History example.

(To see a transcript with this video, go to the NYU Stream viewer: Art History Guide.)

Learn about Research Guides with this Business example.

(To see a transcript, go to the NYU Stream viewer: Business Guide.)

Finding Articles Using NYU Databases

What are Databases and Why Use Them?

NYU Libraries subscribes to more than 1,300 databases -- housed on the "Articles & Databases" page -- that provide articles in publications like newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals. This video explains how the databases are organized and how to choose one(s) relevant to your topic. (To see a transcript with this video, go to the NYU Stream viewer: What are Databases?.)

Multidisciplinary Databases

Multidisciplinary databases are good for any topic and tend to include a variety of publications types, including news sources, general interest magazines, trade magazines, scholarly journals, and more.  (To see this video with a transcript, go to NYU Stream viewer: Multidisciplinary Databases.)

Subject-Specific Databases

Subject-specific databases are focused and specialized, providing the most scholarly information available on a topic, such as articles featuring conceptual or theoretical analysis, empirical studies, case studies, systematic reviews, and other scholarly approaches. Other sources typically covered are conference papers, chapters from edited books, and theses. (To see this video with a transcript, go to NYU Stream viewer: Subject-Specific Databases.)


Tips for Searching Within Databases

When you search on your keywords within a database, it helps to provide an explicit, straightforward "search statement" using the tips shown here. (Go here for a text-based version of the infographic shown below.)

Infographic illustrating three tips for searching within databases: put quotes around keyword phrases, use Boolean operators, and use truncation.

Individual Database Tutorials

  • JSTOR provides journal articles, book chapters, and other material found in scholarly publications, primarily in the humanities and social sciences. (Video 7:03)
  • PsycNet (with PsycInfo) provides access to journal articles, books, dissertations, conference presentations, tests and measures, videos, gray literature, and many other other publication types in the psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences. (Video 7:09)

Finding Articles with Google Scholar