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United Kingdom: The Parliaments

This guide is to assist people researching the Parliament of the United Kingdom Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its predecessors. 

Using the Database

NYU subscribes to the massive database U.K.Parliamentary Papers. This is a rich and consequently complex database.

Getting Started

It is highly recommended that users read the information provided in the database that is specific to each section which clarify the holdings.

For example, the "Introduction To The Eighteenth Century Parliamentary Papers Collection 1688-1834" provides the sources and detail of the scanned content. The section for the 18th Century clearly contains a wider time frame than 1701-1800, and the content is not complete across this range. So understanding what sources went into this section clarifies the range and depth of its content:

  • House of Commons Sessional Papers of the Eighteenth Century 1715-1800
  • Reports from the Committees of the House of Commons 1715-1801
  • House of Lords Sessional Papers 1714-1805
  • Harper Collection of Private Bills 1695-1814
  • Local and Personal Acts 1797-1834
  • Private Acts 1702-1727 and Private Bills 1727-1814
  • Private Acts 1815-1834
  • Journals of the House of Commons 1688-1834
  • Journals of the House of Lords 1688-1834
  • Parliamentary Register 1774-1780, 1780-1796, 1796-1802 and 1802-1805
  • The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons 1660-1743
  • The History and Proceedings of the House of Lords 1660-1742

Enjoy using this amazing resource.