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The Riot Grrrl Collection at New York University: Riot Grrrl Finding Aids

Overview of the Riot Grrrl Collection held at the Special Collections at New York University.

About Archival Collections

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Riot Grrrl Finding Aids

Becca Albee Grrrl Collection, ca. 1992-1996

Mark Anderson and Positive Force DC Riot Grrrl Collection

Ramdasha Bikceem Riot Grrrl Collection, 1974-1998 (bulk 1991-1995)

Tammy Rae Carland "I (heart) Amy Carter" Riot Grrrl Collection, 1989-1996

Tammy Rae Carland Riot Grrrl Zine Collection, 1988-2002

Teresa Carmody Ladyfest 2000 Collection, 1999-2002

Kathryn Diehl Riot Grrrl Collection

Frances Duncan Riot Grrrl Collection

Johanna Fateman Riot Grrrl Collection, 1991-2006

Zan Gibbs Riot Grrrl Zine Collection, 1987-2003 (bulk 1992-1997)

Kathleen Hanna Papers, 1988-2005

Sheila Heti Riot Grrrl Collection, 1994-1997

Elena Humphreys Riot Grrrl Collection, 1972-1998 (bulk 1991-1996)

Milly Itzhak Riot Grrrl Collection, ca. 1992-1997

Lucretia Tye Jasmine Riot Grrrl Collection, 1987-2017

Gina Johnson Riot Grrrl Zines, 1993-1995

Ladyfest 2000 Collection, 2000-2001

Kelly Marie Martin Riot Grrrl Zine Collection, 1977-2001 (Bulk 1992-1998)

Melbourne Rock 'n' Roll High School Archive, 1991-1998

Mr. Lady Archive, 1992-2005

Molly Neuman Riot Grrrl Collection, 1986-2002 (Bulk 1988-1996)

Mimi Thi Nguyen Zine Collection, in Collaboration with the People of Color Zine Project, 1992-1998

Outpunk Archive, 1989-1998

Tara Rodgers Pink Noises Riot Grrrl Collection

Riot Grrrl Publicity Collection, 1992-1996

Yan Sham-Shackleton Riot Grrrl Collection, 1990-1999

Laura Splan Riot Grrrl Collection, 1992-2011 (Bulk 1994-2005)

Lucy Thane Riot Grrrl Collection, 1993-1995

Allison Wolfe Riot Grrrl Collection, circa 1992