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Overview of the Special Collection at New York University

Finding Aids

Ralph Adimari Papers, 1931-1970 (Bulk 1957-1963

An American Family DVD Collection, 1973

American Theater for Poets Archive, 1960-1965

Norman "Buddy" Baker Collection, ca. 1958-1998 

Henry Barnard Papers, 1765-1935 (Bulk 1830-1899) 

Carol Bellamy Papers, 1977-1985 

William J. Benners Papers, 1850-1940 (Bulk 1880-1920) 

Alfred C. Berol Collection of Lewis Carroll, 1845-1993 

Elmer Holmes Bobst Collection, 1862-1978 

David C. Bohnett Collection of Winsor McCay Drawings, 1914 

Brody/ Klooster Performance Practice Collection, ca. 1930-1970 

Howard Brubaker Papers, 1907-1957 

Knox Burger Archive, ca. 1969-2000 

John Canemaker Animation Collection, 1903-2003 (Bulk 1970-2000) 

Jerome Charyn Papers, 1937-1997

Donald Oliver/Chelsea Music Archive,1907-2008 (Bulk 1962-1991)  

Richard Rychtarik / Hart Crane Papers, 1923-1935

Commercial Closet, Ad Respect, and Michael Wilke LGBT Advertising Archive

E.L. Doctorow Papers, 1931-2002 

Coleman Dowell Papers, 1925-1985 

Edward Robb Ellis Papers, ca. 1902-1998

Theodore Enslin Papers, 1955-1975 

Fales Events Video Collection

Fales Family Papers, ca. 1620-1966 

Nancy Fales Garrett Papers, ca.1965-1992

Fales Library and Special Collections Audio/Video Collection

Fales Manuscript Collection, ca. 1700-2005

Robert Flaherty Film Seminar Archive, 1949 - 2011

Yun Gee Papers, 1907-1979

German Correspondence from the World Wars Collection, 1916-1946 

Julie Gilbert Papers, ca. 1940-1998 

David H. Greene Collection of Sean O'Casey Letters, 1944 - 1962

Larry Hama Comic Book Collection, 1967-2011

Robert Hammond Papers, ca. 1949-1998 

Hammond Film Script Collection, ca. 1935-1996 

Harlequin Romance Collection of Treva M. Taylor , 1967-1996 (Bulk 1974-1996) 

Geoffrey T. Hellman Papers, 1842-1971(Bulk 1930-1970) 

IBM European Business Archive, ca. 1910-1960 (bulk 1933-1945)

JDub Records Archive, 2001-2011

Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue Archive, 1997-2000

Sir William Jones Manuscripts, ca. 1100-1794

Judson Memorial Church Archive, 1838-1995 

Judson Memorial Church Oral History Archive, 2008

Yoshio Kishi and Irene Yah-Ling Sun Collection, 1860-2010

Arthur Kopit Papers, 1950-1998 

Richard Lebherz Papers, 1968-1976 

Levy Dime Novel Collection, 1821-1968 

The Liederkranz Collection, ca. 1847-1987 

Newman Levy Papers, ca. 1914-1960 

Lewis Carroll Society of North America Archive, ca. 1974-2003 

Rose Strunsky Lorwin Papers, ca. 1910-1911 

Richard Maass Collection of Westchester and New York State, 1645-1910

The Mazzarella AIVS Collection of Librettos, 1829-1941 

Brooks McNamara Papers, 1896-1997 (Bulk 1970-1997)

Miscellany Magazine Collection, 1929-1943

Elinor Miller Papers, 1977-2004 

Thomas G. Neumiller Papers, ca. 1965-1997 

New American Library Archive, 1943-1962 

New York Review Archive, 1957-1958 

New York University Music Department Collection, circa 1850-1990 

Arvid Paulson Papers, 1875-1977 

Ralph E. Pickett Papers, 1954-1980 

Pleiades Club Archive, 1893-1943 

Portrait/ Subject Collection, ca. 1800-Present 

Richard Protovin Papers

Jill "Billy" Rainsford Papers, 1922-1991

Erich Maria Remarque Papers - contact a Fales archivist

Erich Maria Remarque Papers, Accretion, 1918-2000 (bulk 1950s-1980s)

Elizabeth Robins Papers, 1803-1963 

Leonard Rosenman Papers 1953-2001

M.L. Rosenthal Papers, ca. 1930-1996

Richard W. Rychtarik / Hart Crane Papers, 1923-1935

Pulp Science Fiction and Detective Fiction Periodical Collection, 1940-1983

Sabbateni Collection of Renaissance Music Manuscripts, circa 1600

Sholom Secunda Papers, ca. 1926-1971 

Al Silverman Papers, 1951-2003

Herschel Silverman Collection of Theodore Enslin Correspondence, 1994-2011 

Abraham Singer Papers, 1881-1961 (bulk 1920-1961)

Melissa Spore Postcard and Photograph Collection  

Sterling Lord Archive 

Peter Straub Papers, 1962-2008 

Edward Streeter Papers, 1909-1976 

Margaret Strickland Papers, 1880-1970 

The Sylvester Manor Archive, 1649-1996 

Targ Editions Archive, 1953-1994 (Bulk 1979-1985)

Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, 1973-2013

Aubrey Wisberg Papers, ca.1945-1970

William F. Wu Comics Collection, 1942 - 1986

Michele Zackheim Papers, ca.1900-2000 (Bulk 1992-2000) 

William Zinsser Papers, ca. 1946-1998 

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