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Video Streaming Service for NYU Classes: Digital Campus Video Reserve Service

Description of Service

Digital Campus, by Swank Motion Pictures, is a video streaming service that allows faculty and instructors to provide students enrolled in their courses online access to films assigned for course reserve viewing.

Digital Campus has over 18,000 films available for use from major Hollywood studios (Warner Bros., Disney, MGM, UA, Lionsgate, Miramax, and Columbia) plus many other independent studios.  

This service is intended for faculty and instructors as a means to enhance their lesson plans with streamed videos, eliminating the need to make film clips.  Lesson plans remain available for student access beyond a semester's end. Please search the Swank Digital Campus website to see what film titles are available.

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How it works

When placing a request for a streamed video, be advised that it can take up to 10 days to provide a requested video.  (If NYU has already requested a particular title, turnaround time should be very short.)

Digital Campus will provide the faculty / instructor with an embed code for the film, which must then be posted into the Lessons page, only, on their NYU Classes site.

Students access streamed videos via password on their laptop or desktop computers, only.

The video title(s) will remain available for student access for the duration of the semester for which it was requested.  

To make requests, use the the following Online Form

Who can use the service

This service is available to NYU faculty and instructors, only.

Faculty and instructors must have a current NYU Classes site in place to be eligible to receive streamed videos. 

Don't have an NYU Classes site yet?  Go to this link here to find out how to set up a site for your class.  If you require further technical support in setting up your NYU Classes site, go here. Also, NYU Libraries has created a guide to assist you in adding library resoruces onto your NYU Classes page.

Students must be enrolled in your course in order to password access streamed video titles.

Technical Support

Faculty and instructors experiencing any problems with the streaming service can contact Digital Campus directly at 1-888-389-3622 [U. S. Central Time] during regular weekly business hours. Evenings and weekends, a message can be left (response time will vary depending upon time/day of message.)  International sites should contact Swank via email:

If you are having problems with your NYU Classes site, or difficulty with your embedded video, email the NYU Classes team at:

If a video link is for any reason shut down, a new link for that video can be issued to the faculty/ instructor once it is ascertained why the original link was terminated.  Turnaround time can vary, depending upon circumstances and day / time of week.



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