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Swank Digital Campus Video Streaming Service

Overview of the video streaming resource, Swank Digital Campus, for faculty and students.

Description of Service

Swank Digital Campus is a video subscription service from Swank Motion Pictures.

  • It provides NYU faculty and students with online streaming access to selected films for academic teaching and study.
  • Its catalog offers more than 18,000 titles from major Hollywood studios (Warner Bros., Disney, MGM, UA, Lionsgate, Miramax, and Columbia) as well as many independent companies.

Who Can Use This Service

Who has access?

Video viewing through Swank Digital Campus is available free of charge to all NYU: students, faculty, and staff with active NYU network accounts.

Requesting a title to be added:

Only faculty may request new titles to be added to Swank Digital Campus. They must have a currently active NYU Classes site to be eligible. 

Setting up Swank in NYU Classes

Don't have an NYU Classes site yet?  The guide Setting Up Your NYU Classes Site can help. Technical support is also available from the Library's Digital Studio and the NYU IT Service Desk

How It Works

The two modes of access for viewing films in Swank Digital Campus are:

  1. Go first to BobCat Articles & Databases, then select Swank Digital Campus from the Video Collections menu. (If you are not already logged in with your NYU Net ID, the Online access will prompt you to do so.)
  2. Go first to BobCat Books & More, then type "Swank Digital Campus" in the search box. The Online access links then takes you directly to the Swank portal. (If you are not already logged in with your NYU Net ID, the Online access will prompt you to do so.)

Once inside the Swank portal, viewers can either browse the title listing or use a keyword search to locate a film.

Requesting New Titles:

Faculty can use this Online Form to request new films to be added to the Swank Digital Campus menu for streaming access by their students.

  • Please be advised that it can take up to 10 days after a request is submitted to activate a new video. Swank Digital Campus will provide Bobst Library with a streaming link to the film via the Swank Digital Campus portal.
  • The video titles acquired this way will remain available for the duration of the semester for which it was requested.  

Technical Support

  1. Users experiencing problems with the streaming service can email the Avery Fisher Center at .
  2. You can also call Swank Digital Campus directly at 1-888-389-3622 for technical support during regular weekly business hours (U.S. Central time), or to leave a voicemail message during off hours.
  3. The Swank email,, is the third alternative.