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Isaac Newton's Laboratory Notebook by Cambridge University Libraries via CC BY-NC 3.0

Ops Lab, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology via Image via

Wellness Exchange

Wellness Exchange 24/7 HOTLINES :

212-443-9999 (New York)

971 2-628-5555 or (8-5555 on campus) (Abu Dhabi)

(021) 2059-9999 (Shanghai)

Professional help with day-to-day challenges or other crises, including:

  • depression
  • sexual assault
  • anxiety
  • disabilities
  • alcohol and drug dependence
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • eating disorders
  • other mental health issues. 

Link to Counseling Services at NYU (NY)

Link to Counseling Services at NYUAD

‚ÄčLink to Counseling Services at NYUSH
Call to talk, or call about a friend, the Wellness Exchange is there to listen.
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Welcome to the research guide for Technology, Culture, and Society at NYU Tandon. TCS is a wide-reaching department with a number of specializations. Links on this guide will direct you to resources for the three degree-granting programs: 


  This guide also provides information relevant to the three general education clusters:


   Please contact the Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Librarian if you have difficulty finding or accessing library resources.

Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Librarian and Poly Archivist

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