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Translation Studies

A guide to books, journal articles, and web resources for research in the field of Translation Studies.

Welcome MaRLI!

The New York Public Library and the libraries of Columbia University and New York University have launched a pilot initiative to expand access and use of collections and better serve their users. The collaboration, dubbed the Manhattan Research Library Initiative (MaRLI), will enable NYU and Columbia doctoral students, full-time faculty and librarians, and approved New York Public Library cardholders with a demonstrable research need not met by currently available resources, to borrow materials from all three institutions.

There is a registration process, so please visit the MaRLI guide below to learn more about the program and eligibility.

Questions about copyright? Visit the Copyright research guide

What does the copyright law allow you to do (or not do) with copyrighted material? Whether or not the question is asked in an educational context, copyright law is very complex. In order to guide you through copyright and fair use questions our Scholarly Communications Librarian, April Hathcock, has put together a research guide to assist you in determining what you can and cannot do with copyrighted material.