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NYU Welcome: The Libraries

A basic guide to NYU Libraries' resources and services for new NYU students.

Get to Know NYU Libraries

Speedometer icon.Get on the fast track to doing library research! Need to find books and articles for your coursework? This guide has quick videos that get you up to speed on how to find these and other research materials. You can also learn about the study spaces and services the Libraries provide.


NYU Libraries has a multitude of resources to support your academic success. When you're new, it can seem overwhelming! Rest assured that our Ask a Librarian service is here to help. No question is too big or small—just ask!

Exterior of Bobst Library.  Red building with many students walking in and out of the front entrance.     Library Buildings and Spaces

Whether you're in New York, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, or other global academic center, there are a variety of study spaces for individual or collaborative work.


  • Use our catalog to find print books, ebooks, journals, magazines, newspapers, music scores, theater and film scripts, audio and video (DVDs, CDs, and streaming) and more.
  • Use our 1,400+ databases to search for articles, images, data sets, and much more.
  • Discover rare, unique, and archival materials in our Special Collections.

Tools, Services, and Help

  • Research Guides provide a comprehensive approach to doing research in a subject area, link out to essential sources, and introduce you to the librarian who specializes in the subject. There are more than 400 Research Guides in 66 subject categories.
  • Citation tools help students organize research results and create automatically formatted bibliographies.
  • We have a range of services, including Data Services, Digital Scholarship Services, Ask a Librarian for in-person and virtual research help, and more services.

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Overview of Bobst Library

Bobst, located on Washington Square, is the main library in NYU's 9-library system. This video provides a quick overview of Bobst Library's study spaces, collections, and specialized services.

NYU Libraries Locations in New York

There are eight library locations at NYU New York

Detail of map of Manhattan and Brooklyn depicting locations of NYU libraries in New York.

  1. Bobst (Main, Washington Sq.)
  2. Brause (Real Estate & SPS programs, Midtown)
  3. Courant (Mathematics, Washington Sq.)
  4. Dibner (Engineering & Technology, Brooklyn)
  5. IFA (Fine Arts, Uptown)
  6. ISAW (Ancient World, Uptown)
  7. Lapidus (Medicine, Murray Hill)
  8. Law (Washington Sq.)

Library Workshops for NYU Welcome

Get a head start learning to use library resources and tools! Sign up for a library workshop on our calendar page.

Some of the workshops you'll find:

  • NYU Libraries for Beginners
  • Surviving the Stacks: How to Navigate and Use the Physical Collections in Bobst Library
  • Managing Your Research and Bibliographies with Citation Tools (EndNote, RefWorks, Zotero)
  • U.S. Research Libraries for International Students
  • Where in the World Can I Get This Book?: A Guide to Bobst Library Access Services
  • Introduction to Data Services
  • Finding Non-English Language Materials at NYU and Beyond
  • Introduction to NYU Special Collections

NYU Reads

NYU Reads logo.Each academic year, NYU Reads brings the NYU community together around a single common reading, chosen by a University committee made up of faculty, student, and administrator representatives. Building on our undergraduate schools’ first-year reading programs, NYU Reads extends this dialogue beyond Welcome Week and opens it up to the entire University community.




Cover image of "How the Word is Passed" by Clint Smith.This year's pick is Clint Smith's How the Word Is Passed.  In How the Word Is Passed, author Clint Smith documents his travels to eight places in the United States (and one abroad)—to plantations, prisons, cemeteries, historical landmarks and cities, including New York City—to consider the gaps in our collective memory of American slavery. Through his reported conversations with fellow visitors to these spaces, Smith teases out the difference between history and nostalgia, between what happened and what we may have come to believe happened: the difference, for instance, between the perception that New York as a northern state opposed slavery, and the fact that by the mid-18th century, one in five people living in New York City was enslaved.

How the Word Is Passed is a powerful reminder of the importance of historical research and an honest consideration of how this research plays out directly in our own lives today. Sensitively, patiently and persistently, Smith asks and answers deeply challenging questions: How have we been taught to remember? Whom do we memorialize? Smith interrogates how we come to know what we know, models ways to question that knowledge, and shows readers how to be courageous enough to let new realizations in.

How the Word Is Passed won the 2021 National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction and was named one of the top ten books of 2021 by the New York Times. Learn more on the NYU Reads research guide.