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Sociology: Citation Tracking

This guide provides descriptions of commonly used library resources for sociological research.

Cited Reference Searching

A number of tools allow you to track where a publication has been cited since its publication. This reveals interrelationships between publications, scholars, and ideas, thus giving you a more complete picture of the shape of a field.

Why do cited reference searching?

  • Follow a publication's citations forward in time
  • Locate current research based on earlier research
  • Track the history of a research idea
  • Explore how a research topic is being used to support other research
  • Expand or update a bibliography
  • Document the impact of research for faculty promotion/tenure/C.V.
  • Browse serendipitously

The following are selected examples of bibliographic databases with the ability to track citations:


Link to database

How to...

Web of Science

 Search Web of Science

 link to screenshot


 Search Scopus

 link to screenshot

Google Scholar

 Search Google Scholar

 link to screenshot

PsycINFO via APA PsycNET

 Search PsycINFO

 link to screenshot

PsycINFO via Ovid

 Search PsycINFO (Ovid)  link to screenshot

Medline via PubMed
(citing articles are limited to those in PubMed Central, NLM's full-text archive)

 Search PubMed via NYU

 link to screenshot

Citation Searching in Web of Science

Citation Searching in Scopus

Citation Searching in Google Scholar

Citation Searching in PsycINFO via APA PsycNET

Citation Searching in PsycINFO via OVID

Citation Searching in Medline via Pubmed