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Comparative Literature: Biographies

A resource guide for the study of Comparative Literature.

Using Library of Congress Subject Headings to find biographies in BobCat

Biographies are classified and sorted by author's name, dates of birth and death, and the term Biography.

Here are some examples:

  • Baldwin, James, 1924-1987 -- Biography
  • Bolaño, Roberto, -- 1953-2003 -- Biography
  • Ngũgĩ wa Thiongʼo, -- 1938- -- Biography
  • Benjamin, Walter, 1892-1940 -- Biography

Finding biographies in library databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a time-saving, scholarly search interface accessible from within the Google interface. With Google Scholar, you can access peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book sections. For literature searching, specialized databases have more functionality and access more comprehensive results, but Google Scholar is a good tool

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