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How to Find Translations into and from English: Short Stories

This guide will show you how to find translations into and from English.

Short Story Index

Online Version

1915-1983 only.

Paper Version
NYUBobst/1st Floor Reference Z5917.S5 C6/Non-circulating
1974-present; annual with quinquennial cumulations.


Finding Short Stories

In BobCat and WorldCat do a search of the author's name plus the title word "Stories," to see if the story you are looking for appears in a collection of the author's short stories. In most cases, the titles of the stories in a book will be listed in the search results

For famous stories when you know the original title: In BobCat or WorldCat do an author search plus a keyword from original title and limit the results by English language, e.g. Maupassant Parure. Or use a word from the English translation of the story, e.g. Maupassant Necklace.