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How to Find Translations into and from English

This guide will show you how to find translations into and from English.

Finding Bibliographies of Works Translated into English

To find lists of books that have been translated into English from a particular foreign language, you can do the following search in BobCat:

  1. In the "Books and More" tab of the catalog type in: German [French, Russian, etcFrench, Russian, etc.] literature -- Translations into English -- Bibliography.
  2. The "Tweak My Results" menu on the left allows you to apply various filters to your search results, e.g. by subject, years of publication or format.

You can do a similar search in WorldCat. Choose "Advanced Search", choose "Subject" for all three boxes on the drop-down menu, and enter German [French, Russian, etc.] translations, and bibliography.

Index translationum

The Index Translationum, published by UNESCO, lists translations from and into the languages of about 100 nations. The online version covers 1979 to 2009.  The print version, in REF1, goes back to 1932.

Online Version:

Webpage for UNESCO's Index Translationum.


  • "Languages" at the top left of the screen refers to the language of search results. It is set to English.
  • Click on Bibliographic Search under "Languages" for the search engine.
  • If you are searching for a work in a non-Roman script (Russian, Arabic, etc.) be sure to click on "Transliteration norms" on the left toolbar and consult the transliteration tables. The transliteration system used for Russian, for example, is different from the usual Library of Congress system: Cehov instead of Chekhov.
  • In the search engine, "country" refers to the country of publication.

Paper Version: 

Available in Ref1

NYU Bobst / 1st Floor Reference Z6514.T7 I4 /Non-circulating

(COVID-19 update: Print copy of the Index Translationum has been moved to another location in the library, but HathiTrust has provided a temporary limited access online through the BobCat catalog.)

Other specialized multilingual resources

Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation (2000)

NYU Bobst/1st Floor Reference PR131.O94 2000/Non-circulating
An excellent overview.

Literatures of the World in English Translation (pub. 1967-1970) provide good coverage for older works.

  • Romance languages: Main Collection Z7033.T7 E56     
  • Greek and Latin: NYU Bobst/1st Floor Reference Z7018.T7 E85/Non-circulating    
  • Slavic: NYU Bobst/1st Floor Reference Z7041.L56/Non-circulating 

Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction (2016).