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How to Find Translations into and from English

This guide will show you how to find translations into and from English.

Finding English Translations of Novels

If you know the foreign language title of the novel that you are looking for, simply do a title search in BobCat or WorldCat, and limit the results by English language. 

It is often worth finding out the title in the original language, since there can be more than one English-language variant. 

Balzac's Le Peau de Chagrin, for example, has been translated into English as: 

  • The Magic Skin, 
  • The Wild Ass's Skin, and
  • The Fatal Skin 

Dostoyevsky's Бесы has been translated as: 

  • The Devils and
  • The Possessed  

Translators may even deliberately try to find a new translation for a title to distinguish their translation from others. In many cases, however, a title search under the commonly-known English title (War and Peace, Crime and Punishment) will be successful.