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Business Research in Support of the Job Search: Company Research

Key NYU Libraries business resources for the job search

Why Research a Company?

Company information is important to:

  • Decide whether to apply for a job 
  • Prepare for a job interview
  • Find information on the company (location, number of employees, financial reports, history, latest news, competitors)

Public vs. Private Companies

Public companies are corporations whose stock is traded on a stock exchange.  Shareholders have claim to the company's assets and profits.  Private companies are not publicly-traded.  Their assets are frequently owned by the company's founders or by a group of private investors.  

Public companies are required to disclose extensive finanical information to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  Private companies are not required to provide detailed financial information.  Therefore, it is much easier to find detailed information on public companies than on private companies. 

Databases for Company Research

The NYU Libraries Virtual Business Library includes a category Company & Financial Information that provides links to all company-related business databases.  Some of the best resources for getting an overview of a company are listed below.  Also consult the resources listed on the Magazine and Newspaper Articles tab to access coverage of your company in the business press.