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Geographic Information Systems

Fall 2017 MCA+ Data Visualization Assignment Library of Data

Select a dataset from the list below to work on a visualization, or explore sources of data in the boxes below. These datasets have been structured and cleaned so you can use them effectively in Google Sheets or CARTO.

Once you open a dataset, go to File > Make a copy... to add to your drive. Then you can add to the data, try sample visualizations in Google Sheets, or export as a .CSV and load into CARTO.

If the group does not like any of these data sources, feel free to develop a new one.

Sample Visualizations

Visualization One

This visualization represents the relative volatility in economic production of ICT goods between the years of 2002 and 2012

Visualization Two

This Visualization represents the rise and fall over time of production of ICT goods.

Visualization Three

This map represents how much cellular phone usage has penetrated a given country, relative to the average amount of cell phone users per 100 residents of a country in 2013.

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