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Media and Communication

An introduction to core research resources for media and communication

Overview of this guide

This guide is an introduction to Media Studies research for NYU students. Different sections of this guide can help with research in: 

Finding books and e-books

Finding scholarly (peer reviewed) articles on your topic

Finding primary sources, like online newspaper archives, magazines and trade publications, advertisements, television and radio broadcasts and transcripts, and archival collections at NYU and beyond

Finding information on research methods, including how-to videos on topics like ethnographic research and interviews

Media and communications research also touches on a number of disciplines. See these other subject guides for more specific resources on business and transcultural communication:

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Search for books, journals, videos, etc. in our local libraries and special collections.

Media analysis: Latest from the PressThink blog by Jay Rosen

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Media analysis: Latest from NPR's "On the Media"

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