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Health (Nursing, Medicine, Allied Health): GN2041 Issues and Trends Search TIPS

Guide to locating health evidence. View the EBP "pyramid" and link to tools for locating relevant research.

Search Tips

1. Scope some background (presynthesized) sources, (click on "Find Books/ETexts" above), e.g.,

  • Nursing Reference Center Plus

  • UptoDate

  • the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.


  •  A search in Nursing Reference Center Plus on “nurse and ratio” located Evidence Based Care Sheets on

    • Nurse Staffing and Patient Safety: Shiftwork By: Schub T, Mennella H, Pravikoff D, CINAHL Nursing Guide, April 29, 2016

    • Understaffing: Nurses By: Mennella H, Pravikoff D, CINAHL Nursing Guide, January 8, 2016

2. Notice and use standard search terms. Each article database disambiguates with standard terms. (Click on "Find Articles/Databases" above)


  • A search in PubMed on “delayed cord clamping” leads to a search Umbilical cord AND time factors    (both umbilical cord and time factors are MeSH terms)

  • A search in CINAHL on  “delayed cord clamping” leads to the Subject term: umbilical cord clamping.

  • A search on "burnout" leads to the MeSH term: Stress, Psychological

3. Use synonyms with “OR” to expand:


  • (Burnout OR burn-out OR Stress, Psychological/ OR coping OR job satisfaction
     OR resilience)
  • (Shift report OR handover OR handoff)

4. Use "AND" to narrow results,   e.g.,


  • Veterans AND suicide

  • "Complementary Therapies" AND "Labor, Obstetric”  

  • Parental Leave AND nurses

  • Crowding AND emergency service

5. Use Filters to limit results by date, publication type, and more, in PsycINFO, CINAHL, Proquest and PubMed:

6. Use Tools for citing your sources

Link to the guide to Citing and Managing in APA here: