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Health (Nursing, Medicine, Allied Health): Oncology Nursing N41.1302

Guide to locating health evidence. View the EBP "pyramid" and link to tools for locating relevant research.

Oncology Nursing N41.1302, Help with Lit Search

1. To scope for Background information  start with the Find Books/E Books tab above, then scroll to locate an aggregator like:

  • GALE Virtual Reference Center  (search across virtual  encyclopedias for terms like "hospice" "medicare," )
  • Search an aggregator of encyclopedias like Credo Reference. (hint: search "medicare hospice benefits"
  • Search in full text of e-books on the Ebook Central platform. Try "medical marijuana pain"

2.Locate Foreground Information to bring your search up to date using journal articles. Use the FIND ARTICLES/DATABASES tab above to search:


  • Use the "suggest subject terms" box, above the text entry field, to help locate the standard term for a topic.  (Cancer maps to neoplasms. Marijuana maps to Cannabis  OR Medical Marijuana )  Use a limit to a "Review" article to find a summary.

PubMed/Medline @ NYU:

  • Locate a recent summary of a topic by locating a "Review" article. 
    • Example, in PubMed, search for marijuana AND cancer pain,
    • Or do a better search using MeSH terms:  cannabis AND neoplasms AND pain  
    • Next, use the limits on left to restrict to  a "Review Article."

Proquest Central

Use the Advanced Search feature to locate both newspapers and journals:

  • try a Subject search: Medical Marijuana AND pain
  • try a Subject search: Medical Marijuana AND cancer
  • try a Subject search:  Cannabis AND pain
  • try a Subject search: hospice care AND medicare
  • try a broader Subject search: hospice care AND (medicare OR health care policy)

3. Filtering in databases:

4. Saving search histories